The Four Owls

The Four Owls - Dawn of a New Day lyrics

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Ft Smellington Piff


Baby 1-2 baby, baby

They wanna take the rap game and conolize

Make you all dollar signs, even if you gone, cut your feet with that done tonight

Feed it like a dead like I roll and fly, nothin’ I watch look fucker

Cuz I though I’m on my own

The underground champion, the blay spinnin’ jugeller

Got no time have in, they try to treat me like I’m nothin’

I’m like fuck it, I’m above it, got no time for the slow mind rapper

You find me up before the sunrise shopper in the mind

Ready for the new day pocking for design

So fallow behind or swallow your pride

We rap for the passion not for the shine

I fallow my midn, I fallow my heart

I got all that puff and now they watching it hard

We stay dropping on this on, we know that you like

To flow is disign, to crip in and this will open your mind


Mini man will open the mano, checkin polo,

Acting like they caught the praudo

But they never open their bullet

It’s not honnest, I stay on it

High like on that tend I find flying object

Spin your head for all the things

Check my first list, my prospects love this

Losers got all that, got more potential _____(?)

People think I’m in conceiling all from that list

Up in the platter explosion so I rock all in this

My partner plotting explosive so I rock on vast

Forever make a bang asdefense screaming : What’s next?

With open hand we desguise the grasesce and what’s up next

I miss a lane guess it’s with the flavours braking your cranium

I fuck `em and hate policers, nothin’ I can say to `em

We the real citisan and they continue failin’ `em

If I had some platty time, I make a fucking case with `em

Draw a lyrical for a fit croacking bout that name on

(Hook) x 2

Things are changing and turn of a new day

Four hours, front of what you say, you throw on that ki9d

Fuck what you say

We let the dug you take, we play on news in new states


We had to help the move but like muscles terapy

With more stones that all the cementary

They say that is dead, that is just an old memory

Then money that they make it’s whatever and meant to be

Next century they look to this on time to say that the music was control

By the all kinds and signs

Too scared to speak with free mind like it should

What’s inside my sax when your girl wear this

Speak my verse like my verse stay real

You pasted like a zu, that’s your voice gave in

It ain’t nothing new, that big state in the wild side sucking the right dick

So that fall on their self, I bring with no wealt well I’mma cover you

You just half of the truth like the news of what’s coming

Ride at your league, _____(?)

So sick we got to hate it since sound’s ready

I finnely I rose on point like my name was Ron Hood you got me from hungry

_____(?) so much breath these day it feels like there was a dopor open

I won’t touch you but it feels like your heart broken

Pure hopin’ on flose my nigga, must me bust so rock

Get after killer and make an explosion to stop done that new day

But never pop and hate all that

Get forever rose and I’ll be clappin’

I watch birds and seas like bunch the seas kier

See kids bang but we stay high, roll that track like a shit

Never deny the sea can see, we’ll be here after the fire

And skill won’t be skill lose faith and rose all for that

No fate for lock that hook and lost it all over again

Keep it roll ain’t split for the ______(?)

The sleepin’ wil become out the way to the thug

(Hook) x 2


Thanks for impact when punch last all that and

You know you’ll get pop like you fall til you brake your neck

Let on and discover all at your back

Brainstorm ain’t it’s nothing that we pay respect

But they done it one time at the time , whassup?

And now make machine that are up to kill the flouse

Stop fallow and open your eyes and saw , ain’t know the gen

Economy crash it’s like goin’ to fast, go over then

And turn the cover back and cover after us

We saw only once to drops those for the collection

Fuck the radio for playin the same shit

Anfd fuck the gouverment for tryin to politicaly correct us

when they’ll dead and gone ain’t no one will remeber them

once they get the music that reservate us

they early ball will get the rhyme fro

for wills and the voacer watch the tables thun

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