The Four Owls

The Four Owls - Assassination lyrics

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Feat. Dirty Dike

Step inside the building

And I’m working like a killer

Rockin’ up the bodies

Then I come to chill up

I’ll show you when the blasts take your faces

On the top floor

With the rifle on my grasp

Plus there’s another 3 snipers in the grass

Pump your head up while you’re driving your car

That’s a massacre

Now your brain is the passenger

Up from the underground

You can’t find them

Pictures on the background

Bodies get hacked down

Learn now I sleep with the spirits

They remain in danger

And that’s my retainer

I need you to fight to the death

Watch the sky turning grey

When my men just creep out

Then pull your heart off your hest

Just to feel you’re dead

Slave with tongue

Not the type away with gun

Always moving with my face to the sun

But I’ve never sat on the same ground

Wash away the footprints

Travel through the rage town

Trained for combat

But are you really on that?

There’s no need for masters

And no need for contracts

Cause people disappear overnight

And don’t come back

You’re getting it but it’s addictive

I’m sincere

Shit won’t stop

‘til there’s no one on the hit list

And stab you into the eyes

Until you’re staring at the darkness

Playing with my razor blade

I ain’t shaving

Scraping, bathing in the blood

Staying naked

Playing chess while these best mates hatin’

We’re dropping off bullets with this blade

It’s not a lot of promise in my brain

But God I’m insane

With the shotgun I wander in the rain

You ain’t got one

But I caught you one in the face

I ain’t popular

I’m running and I ain’t stoppin’ ‘til the grave

I assassinate and decapitate

Ths man is insane

Assassin with a violent face

Body is down

Kill him with a hand grenade

Cause I’m a cold, cold dealer

Holding back some diamonds

We’re burning the cash to ashes

I know it’s liquid acid

It’s dramatic

Assassin in the dark

Won’t stop

I’ll take you to the Martial Court

Assassin in the dark

Won’t stop

I’ll take you to the Martial Court

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