The Four Owls

The Four Owls - Ain’t Like It lyrics

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It use to be humbly, now it feels lonely

Never been like G-s but now nobody knows me

Sometimes go strongly, those are how knows me

But still the same song that banging on the karaoke

It use to have essence but they forgot the lesson

Endless time it’s like I’m bringing down from proper message

Wouldn’t say and haven’t got it

We use to show again and banging hard

In the product ‘til they day you lose it perfect

Use to get uplifted, now I don’t get sniffed

Free locking from the base looking kinda twisted

Half of money get afford and now try to gift it

They knock and use to be your serve and now predicted

Shit, optimistic, for a world conviction

Lil brother sell some break on the day of Christmas

Everything changes, than hold you on left and get his mazez

Take the right toes when you were skating

It ain’t like it

I use to be affected now is like I love wide connected

Something in my mind been mess with

Now there’s not many things that supplies me

Use to be different life is will center ties

I use to be a dreamer, slowly I wake up

Roll and I rose up shakin’ my head

I use to be hit after what you said

What you send on? Someone was taking your friends

Now everybody wants to shut and be extreme

Expect for a new time on

Seems to be, use to be lain and get what it used to be

Now is no sowelty and get no time the essence

I use blossoming up every night

You know I just can’t get down and stay on the same recovery type

Unaware when you come down, that’s when you make a cause

Twist it in the head line

Right now try to shake you off

Uuh jaize on

Yeah martyr rock crush like cops and robbers

Then you try to get more

He slush and use their hand to get down

Now our days will find it

People just think that we get throw the snakes and gets boring

How is coming and get no thing to the _____(?)

Come up the whistle brought, sitting in listen pawing

Free seed for last so you know they call all boring

Profits like in the internet

Use to play on play tapes on my _____(?)

No we over phones, down low to internet

Use to think to an image and play it cool from____(?)

‘Til I found out about rap and having sex

We rix will waxing me about all gettin’ free

And now I’m on the road to find a blust and getting over it

Use to hold the hope and now I’mma full content despide and goin’ out the work

Pay bills and get out and back

It use to be the weed from a hundred pounds

They ain’t taking all alone, filling all the bank accounts

Small mounts and get on top, niggas looking kinda pretty

Back he looking like a leaf

Then that pussy stay to bag

Can’t stand it like a Louie from the OG but fuck snakes

I’mma never care to banging this kids

All heros banging for this ______(?)

At that sound we know we get it free

It’s just a dick up in the buff absolute from this true

I know it ain’t the only one, the rich kid give me jeans

They ain’t worry coming from there like it use to beat up

The G, G use to me but last time I offer in that time would offer me

Say defeat and get G. D and fit this on

Remember that we use to play CD-s on party

Use to beat it hard from the other board

Now on my side Jonny boy ball all from another ball

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