TEN - You're My Religion lyrics

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In shone from behind

Through your dress like a sign

From heaven

Now I see the light

In your beautiful silhouette

When a dress lends to stretch

Light can make the paper thin

It's so tight that it might

Just be painted on your skin

Gospel fiction turning factual

Revelation that my visions were true

That I'm been again was natural

There will never be another like you

Lady, don't you know that

You're my religion

I believe in you

You know that you're my religion

Baby, don't you know that

You're my religion

All I need is you, you know that

You're my religion

You pull the hem to your waist

Show the blue lingerie beneath it

To brief to describe

But finest in lace paneled taste

You fill the silk to the seams

Not to much is left unseen

Every bit is made to fit

Where it touches in between

I was living in a faithless state

But the sight of you in stockings

Is proof

Now it's heaven and I'm at the gates

You're the temple of messianic truth

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