TEN - We Rule The Night lyrics

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We rule the night, we rule by day

For we believe in time-honoured ways

We fight for truth, that peace may reign

We hold the scales of justice, keepers of the faith

We rule the night ten thousand voices

We rule the night like tameless horses

We rule the night, with fire and flame

Those who resist us lie in our wake

So sound asleep our children dream

Safe in the arms of something far beyond belief


This flag is battletorn, we rule the night

We conquered by the sword, we rule the night

From the dark to the light we roar like a thunderstorm

We rule the night

Our sacred race was born, we rule the night

Immortal dogs of war, we rule the night

And we stand by the oath we swore

Till the last ones falls, we rule the night

We rule the night, protect our homes

Pure were the righteous against our foes

Our blades are stained, their blood remains

As a remembance of the lives we had to take

To rule the night this rock of ages

We rule the night as battle rages

We rule the night

Repeat Chorus Till fade

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