TEN - Turn Around lyrics

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Turn around baby, look into my eyes

And see the embers of the fire

That never dies

Give in time lady,

Don't you question why

I'd give the earth to be beside you

And it's no surprise

With a million reasons why

I love you so

Now listen close to me

There's something you should know

Turn around,

Whenever you want me girl

And I swear tonight

You will find

You're only a heartbeat girl

To these arms of mine

Come on home

Turn around baby, don't you even try

This never ending love

Is one you can't describe

You will find lady

When my life is done

That your reflection in my soul

Remains the only one

Through the candlelight caress

To where you lie

In my heart you'll always be

My love to last eternity

I'd die before I'd le you down

Turn around

Turn around

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