TEN - Through The Fire lyrics

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Whispering I hold you

Sleep while I explain

Some things I never told you

That I've found the words to say

For the wasted years I've lived a lie

With an emptiness inside

I was reaching for a sign

I thought I'd never find

When I laid eyes upon you

You scattered all my dreams

A cage that I belonged to

Shattered at the seams

Now I know that there is only you

And together we'll remain

Through our endless nights and days

We'll set our lives ablaze

To rise beyond the flames

Through the fire now I understand

We are complete

Through the fire

Destiny has planned

That we should meet

Through the fire

Now I know it's forever truly

To show you that I loved you

I had to let you go

But the dream that I hold on to

Was someday you would know

Now I feel what lies inside of you

And I know that day has come

For when all is said and done

You're shining like the sun

In my universe of one

Through the fire now that I have seen

How it can feel

Through the fire deeper than a

Dream stronger than steel

Through the fire I will love you

Forever truly

Through the fire I will love you

Forever truly

You're all that I can see

Spend your life with me

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