TEN - The Loneliest Place In The World lyrics

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You're my life, my past, my future

No-one can come close to you

Words are hard to summon, but I've never loved a

Woman how I love you so completely true

There books of lives and lovers

Mine begins and ends with you

There between the covers lies a love so many others

Only dream to feel but for us it's real

So shelter me in your caress

Our love outshines the diamond, pales the pearl

Any place without you near

Is the loneliest place in the world

Under you my darling angel

I have built a pedestal

As my soul companion, there's a canyon setting you

And womankind apart deep within my heart

So shelter me in your caress

Our love has weathered storms and still come through

But isn't that the way it is

I'm not trying to hide what I'm feeling inside

I can't live without you, there's nowhere to hide

When the coldest steel is emptiness

Without your love my life would be absurd

For I can see beyond the tears to the loneliest place in the world

You are the girl who means the world to me

You're the most beautiful there's ever been

You have it all my love you're all I see

Oh believe in me

There's no way but you darling

Nothing can keep us apart

Through the years the pen is showing

Every line dries hard and yet

Let the pages crumble, for as long as ink is flowing

I will never let you have one regret.

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