TEN - Stay With Me lyrics

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If you look in my eyes, say you don't need paradise

Then I won't wait around for your call

But I don't think you can, for the truth is I'm your man

Baby, lead me your heart and you're mine

All the time

Stay with me, reach for the light, keep us together

Stay with me, give me a call tonight darling

Stay with me, make you and I go on forever

Stay with me, give love another try

Are you thinking of me, is he thin reality

Do I walk through your dreams in the night

Coz for you, can't you see, that no-one

Compares with me

So wake up baby, you know that you're mine

After all this time

There come a day when baby you will know

I'm deep inside you and I touch your soul

So give into something you can't control

After all this time baby, you can't let me go

Stay with me, you're mine

You know that you're mine I'm everything you need

I love you baby you love me baby

And there's no way out

Stay with me, I think you know that you're mine

I could be yours for life, darling stay with me

Search your heart and you'll find me there

Give love another try

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