TEN - Revolution lyrics

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This fight, constitution ain't right

Citizens at way

My sins release me, rally the troops

And the scores

Blood red, there's a history book white

Like no page before

Believe a season, no turning back anymore

____(?) the air in a riotous city

Shadow cast in the half moon light

We dance through fires, the dream was right



This petrified floor

Brittle is flashed with bone

Flies revolution casting stones

So let the bells toll

They will come in you're

Your evolution kidding

My revolution increase control

(Verse 2)

We strike, and our hatred in sights

Liberté, bye boys!

_______(?) fraternité come and go

In this plight rain of terrible smithe

20.000 oars, your liege decreasing

Like guillotine spends the poor

Can't we build, we will choose no pity

Tear it down, let the best of you die

The people's enemy resides in the sight







(Guitar solo)


In the streets, where the sounds are chilling

Swept alone by the turning tide

Two wells ignore the soul ____(?) then collide


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