TEN - Lamb To The Slaughter lyrics

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She's getting ready burnin' with desire

she's got a flame in her heart

there's no way that you can put out the fire

you're gonna get it, got you in her sight

she's gonna tear you apart

for no chains could try to hold her tonight

and when you're no quite sure

if she's gonna let her lover survive

she put her pedal to the metal

screaming that she won't be denied

she'll lead you like a lamb to the slaughter

kissing her knife she's an animal

man to the slaughter

wild in the sheels...man she's a killer

she's getting ready shed's another skin

and by the look of her face

it's a dangerous position you're in

her aim is steady, in for the attack

and she may purr like a cat

but her glaws will leave some scars on your back

in the jungle night

she's no stranger to the danger zone

and the candlelight

is no place to face the lion alone

she's the perfect lover

so much better than the others before

but you pay her debt

when you fly without a net

and you fall...you fall...

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