TEN - It's All About Love lyrics

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Taken in the night

From my wildest dreams

She was drawn into the light

Where she became reality

Now the days roll by like thunder

In the lightfield maze

Nature resounds as

We're called to ground

And brought into phase

When she holds me so close

I swear I wanna die in her arms

And she loves me so much I taste

The paradise in her heart

Like a shooting star

It's all about love

The war we're fighting for

It's all about love

It's all about love

The war to find a cause

It's all about love

She's beautiful, she's a princess

No shoes on her feet

I was haunted by the nightmares

Til she came to set me free

Now we live as one in the kingdom

Where passion reigns

In the midst of making love I feel it

Coarse through her veins

With her touch and her sighs I get

Adrenalised with desire

As I stare in her eyes she makes me

Energise in the fire

Let the flames burn higher

It's all about love

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