TEN - Eyes Of A Child lyrics

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You and I life's great ravine

On separate sides,

A hundred miles between

But my love, all is not lost

For life is just another bridge to cross

Little girl say Little boys don't

Grow up just change their toys

Trade the innocence, passion for purity

Cast away those silly games

Leaving only stale remain

Then we fool ourselves

Call it maturity

When we fool ourselves

Call it maturity

It's little wonder such a sad refrain

Dulls our spirit of adventure

On the way

Now I'm asking so you have to tell

Are you still my comic angel?

looking through the eyes of a child tonight

Driving me wild tonight can I unwrap you girl?

looking through the eyes of a child tonight

try to decide tonight how can I trap you girl

trust me I'm a doctor

got I need a nurse

take me for a physical

Little boys say Little girls grow

Materialistic curves sell their souls

For wealth, call it security

They invariably find loveless

Money leaves behind

Such a bitter taste

Love is the only way

Where is the laughter we exhibited

Is it lying by the wayside where it fell

When did we became inhibited

Be yourself my comic angel

You can be the captain

I'm all the crew you need

Ready for a mutiny

Show me, you're the teacher

I would like to learn catch a girl

Kiss a girl


Childhood scenes of you and me

Still reaching out to live our fantasies

Part of you, another side

That you won't ever have to

Hide from me

We can see this world will be

A better place

It's not too late to dream

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