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Steve Von Till - Known but Not Named lyrics

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When words, lifetimes now gone

Withered the sentiment out, but forgotten

As the great will write us on

Symbols are carved with my knife in the hide

Wed and some wolves that are carried as gifts to the sky

Wounds in our tongues

Burdens are peering, I've prayed all along

I'm kneeling to mind of its peace (?!)

You need, I'll sing that I once first saw

It all came to me

I stood in the ____(?) and it's powerful voice

Listened and tend as it spoke

I've seen ways to walk in this world

Free from the weight of the yolk

The thought crept in my troubled mind

As my ship was sinking

To do as I have been done twice

The vengeance I was looking

Troubled visions, radiant sky

To twist the knife and suffer

Consumed by the weight of fire

And these dreams of men

A white haired stranger wandered by

To walk his bones by far

He listened to my blood stained rant

And didn't shared his story(?!)

And shed the tears as his many lives(?!)

The notions of the devil(?!)

The ashen men had dragged him down

The path that set him free

His words were wise and realized

My life had not been my own

So taking the ____(?) to fear and weep

A train adjourned for madness

I saw the freedom in his hand

And wanted it for my own

To swim the stream as it was

And leave my grief behind me

To swim the stream as it was

And leave my grief behind me

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Wednesday 19th of July 2023 15:49
Awesome song.
Wednesday 8th of February 2023 13:06