Steve Von Till

Steve Von Till - In Your Wings lyrics

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Coyotes crawl in a dark wood

I could have sworn they called my name

The cries blend once and over (?!)

But either way, it's all the same

All the same

Tracks lead me to the watch room

A moving grass stares right through me

Some doubts feed on the black men

A throbbing sound in my stomach, in my guts


All my life, all I've known

Ravens crawl is always shun(?!)

In your wings, in your eyes

In your dark, all is wise(?!)


Mouth full of curse, a head full of fire

That never tries...



Have the mountains shelter me

The horses heads look away

The green king three times asks me

"What is it you are seeking?"

"My way home, my way home..."

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Tuesday 5th of July 2022 13:31
all is blind