Steve Von Till

Steve Von Till - Birch Bark Box lyrics

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Lotus unfolding

The smell of your hair

Worms yell with honey

Now fading scars

Carry the promise

Of the stars


And the darkness in-between

From where all the answers lie

With all the __________(?)

Through a _____(?) one who waits

(Verse 2)

Cast the ember back to the sea

With all that I am

And hope to be

The gifts you have given

So pure and true

See inside me

As I reach inside you

Lace the silence with your love

In that old bird's _______(?)

The father I'm from fall away

Through the fair one who waits

The virtue spoken but tattered leaves

Skin their horses, blood returns to me

Oceans before us upholding the moon

Revealing the pattern amongst the shelf(?!)


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