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Steve Von Till - A Life Unto Itself lyrics

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I will leave part of myself

On the backside, the backside of the mountain

Where the autumn winds blow right through me

And open my bones of highways and rivers

In the wake of this revelation

A wilderness of wings torn by thorns

In the unceasing rain and harrows final turn

I lower my head stricken by the awe of it all


Bury me in some ancient way

That my life might be worth a few words

Carved in stone for my kin

Four to guide them as I have been

(Verse 2)

Though I have been this way before

I've completely lost, lost my bearings

When will I ever learn to trust my own direction

When I've lost my way she always finds me

A life unto itself is hard to see

And not get swept away by waves of darkness

To stand tall and true to ones self

And honor the deepest part of your being


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