Steve Von Till

Steve Von Till - A Language of Blood lyrics

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Watch the grass, sparks will fly

This desolation, a language of blood

Discontent speaks in voices

Wrapped till your mind survives at any cost

When the earth falls from under your feet

No sense of direction to carry you home

The drifter's path, where two rivers meet

Please leave your reasons, tributes carry you

A faith in the light steals silver

A faith in night steals fire

But the thief that hides inside you

Steals a heart

If I can know just one thing

Know where I'm going

If I fear just one thing

I fear my own mind

If I could kill just one thing

I'd little myself to dream (?!)

If I could be just one thing

I'd be a stone on the hillside

If I could love just one thing

I'd love you all the time

If I could feel just one thing

I'd feel it in your body

If I'd believe just one thing...

Cause believing ain't with me

And we tell it to the stars

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