Starlito - Yeaa lyrics

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Ft. Kevin Gates

(Intro: Starlito)

Don't matter just don't bite it, and don't spill my cup

And I don't want the bottle unless they sell mine up

She want to fuck in my car, so we fucked in the trunk

Mr. Officer ya handcuffing or what?

(Bridge x2)

For hundred dolla 2 liter I pour that shit up

I owe this nigga, but I don't give a fuck

Just made 60 off the road damn right, I scrape this shit up

Going back and forth that AZ I'm in grade with the plug


Take what they want, they think I play for the son

I come from straight running guns, my heart don't play one on one

I sip that drink til I'm numb, and I'm impatiently dumb

Like once our dude calls ya an Uber ya can stay til they come

(Hook x2)

Yo ho just smoke up yo grass shit, yo last shit

Just been spent sixty racks on Texas, just last year

Got me back selling bag shit, no half shit

Pouring hot take off the glass yeah, don't know how I ain't crashed yet

(Verse 2: Kevin Gates)

When it's cournch all the young'nz go to sticking shit up

Outside with that iron while they clinking the club

Booty plump, she got trunk, shawty shaking her rump

I've been gone a couple months tryna see what is what

If we done known no matter what I swear I luv 'er to death

When I was fucked up all the girls, she was the only one there

Quarter chicken got delivered got it thrown on the scale

When the money go flipping all the herb go to hell

Ya tell her oh well, get weed from somebody else

Designer stitchin' on my denim ya could tell by the belt

Vacuum suction on the scrat, lips murdered the blunt

By the time ya go to hit it ain't the shit for yo lungs


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