Starlito - Track 1 lyrics

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I told you bitch, I told you,

You don’t wanna go to war, I know I’m just a soldier

I told my bitch to roll up, I told my bitch to shut up

She don’t never listen no, I’ma quit that hoe

I’ma smoke my liquor, I’ma sip my dope

I’ma switch my flow, whatever I’m entitled

Whatever on the niners, she’s a gold digger, straight coal miner

I’m a gold digger, dick her downer that won’t give her nothing

Ok, I’m lying, she might get some penetration

And I’m skating, rolling, and for roll up that’s that Kesha

I call her Kiki, sativa, she’s a diva, bitch!

I’m talking heavy weight, yeah, dumb bells

80k on one player fit on one scale

That’s that loud loud, type of bad guy

I got the strap don’t make me live up to my last name, bang

In the hemi in the fast lane, on some bad drank, my stomach hurt

Im finna crash maine

When I finish freestyling, give me an adlib

Bought some rims with the back end now from my last ghit

2 tone hollow tips in a plastic clip

Phone keep ringing cant stop won’t stop snapping, I gots to have it

Savages, savages, all my niggas savages

And we still together like the eyebrows of the number one draft pick

Man I’m so dope I go so hard, bitch suck a glass dick

When I drop it’s like that old school drop cause it’s a classic

I’m balling so hard motherfuckers wanna foul me,

They wanna cap my salary

Run my fucking city and I ain’t lost a calorie

Mix the drank no daquri I sip this for my allergies

Zanting with than lane, I sip myself a Mallory.

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