Starlito - The Ides of March lyrics

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First thing’s first, shut your bitch ass up

Anythang goes, shoot your bitch ass up

Bet you won’t get back up, and so your shit bag up

Call that shit bad luck, yeah

Driving race cars, smoking out the jar, fucking bad broads

Aaah, but what I’m gonna do tomorrow

I got my own nigga, yeah you can boss

Let my youngin a couple hunned

And I bet he shoot your car up

And send some money order to the pen and pay my lawyer

No matter how much money you get

You ain’t shit if you ain’t loyal

Got a bag and it’s purple, that’s why I’m crown royal

You got 4 hunned dollars and I got an ounce for you

You got 44 hunneds and I got a pound for you

Got a 44 may and I fire rounds for you

Fuck around and get found drown

I’m good on any side, bitch I live down town

Who’s bright idea was it to let me get some money

Her forehead on my belt, give me head till she belch

Nothing but permium, unledded in the tank

And when you seen me, I was headed to the bank

Whatchu thank, prolly smelling like dank

Tryina quit sippin drank, but a nigga just can’t

All I ever wanted was a shippin with that brang

Watch how you talk to me, by the time I feel threatened you see the flame

Now my ledgers got larger numbers

I started out on the humble

Beggin the governor for a pardon

Read the charges and my heard crumble

Nightmares like every other night, got me speeding through red lights

I know jammin like an iPod, shooting dice on them bars

Fuck the rhymes, forgot my iPod

Hot to the point, like what’s the point

Can’t get no higher,

Can’t get flier, man cost like 10 bands

To put me on the flier

I go ham, hoe go ask my uncle samuel

I’m no liar, all these stacks I made, my tax is paid

Still I slap you in your face like after shave

Thank cause we ballin, we won’t mask up

This a masquerade

All these bands and I’m off for march

Thought I was at a parade

Tranch bad guys, roaches rap on behalf of my plate

I swear that them young niggas been getting it

Since way back in the day

I ain’t concerned with catching feelings

Scared catching a case.

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