Starlito - Studio & Gas Stations Coming Soon lyrics

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Ft. Kevin Gates

My nigga on the run, still clutching his gun

Love him like a son, but can't do much but pray for him

I'm piping for the sinners, it's kinda hard to mention

The home man ain't gon touch the streets, cuz he a senior citizen

I know they are hustlin', I've really seen 'em gettin' it

Niggas don't respect my vision cuz now my stain legitimate

Smokin' out in the foreigns, just bending corners

Pussy niggas like I think you doin' I get hated fo' what I get seen in

One man army ready fo' warfare, no lieutenant, just tell me

Where 100 racks get yo four squares and I'mma go and get it

Back and forth to Kentucky, yeah, with a load of midgets

Ten packs on my shoulders, they keep pullin' up in my old Civic

Pull up, the nigga on the run, who you was talkin' bout?

That's the same nigga the show promoter was arguin' bout

Second guessin', finnessin', grab award and they hogged 'im out

Gon' and fuck the house, anything attempted walkin' out

Plenty many extentrical ceiling wouldn't it be tempting?

Hit the blink and the biscuit, you flinch and you get the business

Certified, first for the grind

Workin' the ride, askin' nobody fo' nothin', you do it, murder yo pride

Women I have been with tend to flirt with the eyes

Deception by different methods, her smile a perfect disguise

Momma taught me can't be no more Captain Kirk on the side

Laughin' duckin' and crapin' it, first you thought I was blind

Luca Brasi said any Hannah would lead while you're gettin' knocked out

Leave a nigga in Tennessee leakin' Louisiana hot sauce

Prolly think we just poppin' shit, not really a mob boss

Till the haters get on yo front yard and block yo whole block up

Just left outta the spot lookin' like I just got my rocks off

With a bad bitch and a bag full of rocks straight out the doctor's office

I dunno what you thought, I'm about anotha talkin'

But I gotta tell ya, just bought a car that'll knock sense out ya

Outta town, free Bron and Beethoven

Private I's watch what you're drivin' out the casino

Ring the ding dong politely then pop you right through the peep hole

Lotta pounds allowed if it wadn't prolly Falito

How it weigh and how it cost, haul it off in the smallchies

Shawty a bitch surely, I'm startin' to call her broad

Nick remind me of Morgy, she eatin' from out the sharks

Knife talk in the mall, coppin' collars as if I'm God

They follow, that's what I thought, by Impalas

Don't know what their pro'lems is but got too many dollas

In the lotto, so I'll prolly won't stop an hour

And this strap, got one in the august

I'm bout it, just suck my dolpher

I got myself evolved

Rockin' with public republicans, wish you a bunch of luck

If you luvin' fuckin' yo publicist

Metaphorically speakin' about the hammer

Tragic deformation of character equal damage

Can't sleep from peepin' the cameras

Keep havin' dreams of 'em people beepin' in on this camera

I been creepin' to Atlanta, play pussy, heed or delete a panther

Brought up in the streets so was taught to squeeze automatics

Three in the liter, these were just our habits

Studios and gas stations, if not, you just catch us in traffic


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