Starlito - Separation Anxiety lyrics

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Why Not write about the good times and the fun we had

Wipe the tears from my eyes cause we ain’t crossing that path

Gotta focus on the future, for the ones that passed

For the lessons we learned, we was too young to ask

Or the fights amongst friends that didn’t lead to the guns

On the tour bus with Cuz,cause he on the run

And we on the go, seize in the moment

I was told as far as I can see it’s me if I wanted

Believe me I’m on it… but for the sake of my opponent

Pray that the he stays on it

Please, I’m lonely, Done lost too many homies

And these hoes on me, acting like I own it, no way

Sometimes I just …

Sometimes I … making

… isn’t it a shame you had to …

Before you cry

I guess it is what it is though

It’s probably your shit if you know what it is…

Do what you gotta do, just don’t let the kids know

That’s the certain reason that you don’t know that your kids smoke

Lack of communication on the home front

Leave the fornication, come on,…

You know something

I might be the only nigger that want some

I’m lying this bitch, playing at my job,

Fucking with my change and only issue fucking my only

… now I’m hearing all sorts of thangs

I’d rather complain and explain,

I never be … or the…

It ain’t my fault that you surround yourself with fake shit

… fake bitches, … fake tits

And fake niggers that be smiling on you later on some hater shit

I’d be fake if I’d just sit around and take this shit…

Sometimes I just …

Sometimes I … making

… isn’t it a shame you had to …

Before you cry.

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