Starlito - Post Traumatic Stress lyrics

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Explain (Lito)

Sunrise I'm wide awake

Sportscenter on repeat

When she wake up, I'm just gon' put her back to sleep

War-torn, this is insomnia at it's peak

She want my heart but it's probably out in the streets

Probably somewhere close to the promises I couldn't keep

Truth don't even hurt her cause she refuse to believe

To her, it's but a dream

To me, it's just some time in between

Heart in a pretzel and my mind in a sling

So bored, I just be buying different things

Flying to a different scene

Cause I grind hard, the fuck you mean?

I mean, in the meantime gotta mean time piece

And a dime piece, nine fine freaks that ain't worth two cents each

(Robin Raynelle)

Where you goin'? Where you been?

I don't care how much you spend

Cause I love you the most when you're humble

And you come back again


Last time we argued she said


I hope you never rap again


I said me too and then she said


Wait, what's happenin'?

(Robin Raynelle)

Wait, what's happenin'?


I said I don't know

[Trey Songz sings]

Was I doing wrong

Will I ever get it right for you?

No no


The phone ringed but I ain't moved

Screen said don't answer so she ain't say who

Is it or none of that

Just embrace me and said "What we got is unbreakable"

Then a text came through, it read "I'm pregnant and I hate you"

Exclamation point

Next text was some numbers, that's the day that it's due

I don't know if she saw it so I just played it cool

Next text was a picture

It was her exposed navel, prenatal

(Robin Raynelle)

I only wish that you could visualize

The way I see you through my eyes

But instead you choose

To act as if you have something to prove

You know that I'm the one who here til the end

I continue taking you back time and time again

I know I should have gone but my heart's right here with you (Right here with you)

Just me for you


She grabbed my phone and hit the wall

I'm glad I ducked

I wished that she didn't give a fuck

This ain't true, say it's just my love for you

Damn look what lust will do

Another life, another broken home or two

What good is a coupe when your riding all alone

And you bought it as a his and hers set

It wasn't just the sex

Damn man I just wish I ain't tell her that I love her yet

I need algebra to express, Y just another X

Y just another X

So now I'm higher than a fucking jet

Surprised cause I know I used a rubber yet

Here come another text

To my other phone that says

"I got yo lying stupid ass I'm done with this, have fun raising your fucking kid


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