Starlito - Paper Rock Scissors lyrics

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Feat. Don Trip

Last time I checked I deposited

Then tell…I lost it

I’m bossed up that’s why it cost so much

That’s why it cost to even talk to us

Make sure you get yo offer

Everything I do I do it all for us

I got a family that’s depending on me

Gambler I spin this all

All my niggers stay in the song

Gotta show a fuse maybe stand it all

You sleeping on us you’re in a coma

Don’t believe it just wait a moment

My brain cells got paper on’em

This 40 Glock got a laser on it

Bring you down spray you up

Balling up not laying up

Coming through it no paper cussing

If your money talk it ain’t saying much

My mama thinks I’m a lost cause

Full of automatic fucking guard dog

My G shot no…

But I’m still flesh as a cop card

In that grass like a lawn dog

I got yo back like a lumber

Important dews pop one guap

I’m gone but I ain’t going far

A driver need to be designated

She gimme brain it’s free education

They pass me bills with no legislation

Going back to Callie my weed medicated

Keep asking me like e’rryday

What’s up with this step rubbish

They either respected the love

Now we do it for the check up

Got to open up my next budget

Now watch how I checks double

A nigger got dragged like a Lex bubble

Fuck you P up no discussion

Ran to yo city with a toaster oven

Ride the game like you owe me something

I’m going in keep the motor running

My bitch blowing like Etta James

In my trunk I got Mary Jane

Feeling lucky no horseshoe

But I run this shit like Edward James

Never change gold figure

My…is faded like O pictures

We’re not the same, see the big difference

Is you’re softer than a roller tissue

And all these rappers so frightened

Cause we handle bars like bicycles

I had to brag I’m so nice with it

My 8 pan through icicles

I saw the feds roll up just tryna get up right witcha

So accurate with the head I feel like Mike Miller

Chopper bullets look like pistols

That’s more money more white bitches

They follow orders I’m high Hitler

East side, gorilla, I throw it up like corn

My money tall but Imma show it nigger

Got so much game under the sports ticker

Of course nigger, we killing this shit

Had the more…and we still in this bitch

Got bullets again I’ve been dealing with splints

Roll the voice grind hard no ..

I’m an underdog no forfeiting

Just me and ambition, she catch more kids than an orphanage

Live everyday like it’s 4:20 A.M

This oriented like the Orientals had the cookies

And no fortune in it

Now the course has been going on like 4 minutes

I’m bout my comers like I run on centers

I know I’m the truth no pun intended

Life’s a bitch you keep playing with it

Till me and Dev come pay a visit

And my bullets are like jury duty

In other words, anyone can get it

I should let yo bitch about majesty

They treat that bitch liken a sack of shit

Dry yo ass it’s a crying shame

But I ball harder than it catches me

I’m stating fact yo majesty

I’m getting ball like allergies

I grind hard no ass agrees

I’m flipping pounds like Bell is green


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