Starlito - No Rearview 2 lyrics

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Feat. Don Trip

I came from nothing

Anything’s better than going bath loose

Rearview, fucking right , I rap for them Riggs

You really gonna feel it

A lot of times and trap

You can feel the trap

He was told that if he won’t hustle

He is still ,still fake

This killer be killed

Still go and get that set

Jigglin’ but ain’t feeling the text

It just hit me

Flippin’ steady

Flippin’ steady

The ones that get a little money

You know how niggaz at

I ain’t never heard a shit

Consider that

If you’re running from the law

Then you had your digit scratched

I signed a deal

And I walked away with 2 …

But fuck it ,I ain’t complaining

Sometimes I hate being famous

Don’t go nowhere with no bangers

That’s why I hate flying

Ain’t no permit

This shit I got it too many times

With all this shit on my mind

I still tell my bitch I’m just fine

Who am I kidding?

I’m lying

But I cannot take a bow

Rolling the keys

See me smile

Went on tour with the gang

And that’s when everything changed

I said fuck it

I was better off hustling

It was all I did this for nothing

I'm ready for war like Custer on my last stand

At the telly with that sack and a Mac 10

That and a thirty round glock, you know how mac's jam

Or maybe you don't

I play no taking at home

Come with me

I got to speak

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