Starlito - Nightmares lyrics

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Can I help myself, can hear me

The last 3 books I read, The Power of Habit,

Hop on pop and Dream Psychology

picture me in public buying baking soda

Sandwich bags and im potent with that weed smell

Play in the parking lot wanna half a L

Stupid clientele, but I’ma go to jail

And who gonna make my bail, who gonna buy me out

Only place collect my calls is at my mama house

Now I’m really trapped, I should have got a job

Tryna impress all these niggas we shoulda robed

Now I got a stripe, and I’m out of papers

Old sales calling me back like they got a pager

It’s look what happened, my po is straight hater

Keep popping up at the house like she the neighbors

I think she wanna fuck i had that ol bitch sprung

Young nigga long clip with the big gun

I guess thats what I get for tryna get some

She called the police on me, now I’m on the run

Nightmares, whoaaaa, nightmares, wake up and I’m right here

I’m talking nightmares, wake up and I’m right here

Nightmares, nightmares, nightmares, nightmares

I’m chilling at the bar with 3 bad bitches

You might call it tricking but I’m politicking

I never had a force or more a pot to piss in

Gotta spend it and might get treated to a lobster dinner

glock 26 stay on me, yeah that’s my lil nigga

I rap and live this thug live, I bust back for you to pop a nigga

Back to the bar, we throwing back shots of liquor

clearing my peripheral, I feel I’m watching

Matter fact I watch them get up

Out to the car, but the car didn't move,

I headed outside, told the broads don’t move

When I stepped outside, I cocked my 9, but the shit wouldn't fire

My shit jammed up, and then I hit the snooze, nightmares

Nightmares, nightmares, nightmares, nightmares

To sign with another rapper, an extra middle man

There I go again, tryna hex my whole bizness plan

Leaving out the fine print, they speak for you, don’t fill you in

Stuck with these fucking losers, don’t know how it feel to win

Don’t go to school, just follow the leader no,

Don’t build your brain, just wait in the fucking shade

You might get hit again

And then well steal it ... go make a million, wont give you shit again

Then go sign a bunch of rapping puppets you can sit again

No, I’ma walk in the buildings and this gonn go like this

I’m saying, I’ma make a killing or the killing gonn commence

Let’s split up the dividends or this is the end

About my ends, I be the kill

Nightmares, nightmares, nightmares, nightmares

Nightmares, nightmares, nightmares, nightmares.

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