Starlito and Don Trip mourn semi-anonymous friend in G. Thomas

Starlito and Don Trip mourn semi-anonymous friend in G. ThomasAnd when I say semi-anonymous, I don't mean it in an ironical way. The streets are cold, so names have to be confided. Cops want to know your full name, snitches, or someone who wants your neck. But displaying your whole identity in an ostentatious way may also mean 'look at me! I got nothing to lose', or it could mean plain maturity. No tough guy sh*t. This is me, nothing to hide. We all have the right to chose our ID's, our aliases, at the end of the day, right? So it's up to Starlito and Don T if they wanna unveil their friend's identity or not.

Personally, I think rappers should at least say their homies' name in full when they're yelling out 'FREE MY HOMIE Butter Toil', or 'FREE MY HOMIE Snatch Rags'. The authorities will need to know who they're cutting loose, right? They're not gonna go to a cell filled to the brim with inmates, and ask 'which one of you gentlemen is Scrappy Bloweyes?'. What you'll have there is another room full of 'Real Slim Shaddies', and no-one's gonna be set free. Bummer!

Talking about Snatching Rags, who's a big buddy of mine (no, he's not), Starlito and Don T snatched the beat for this new collab of theirs from Doe B., the song in question being 'Godflow'. They added a good 'life got me cold' theme to it. So if you can't feel sh*t and cold blood's running through your veins, then here's a paradox for you: YOU'LL FEEL THIS SONG!

I'mma leave you with some Starlito fortune cookies to gobble on. This is from his soundcloud channel:

'I lost money, lost friends, lost love & loved ones.. cease the day...enjoy the journey... You can't fail until you quit'

'Or until you die', would be our apendix to the soul filled words coming from a soulless man. But dying is still a sort of quitting. Exit stage right for the actor on life's stage, right?

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