Starlito - Nerve Damage lyrics

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I need some Ice

Mike Will, How art thou?

LITO !!!

I’m hood as fuck, I’m good as fuck

I told her my name, she looking me up

If I take her out, she good as fuck

Second date, I stood her up, hah

She said Jermaine you wrong, HOE you know me as STAR

Bitch quit playing, you want to fuck my car

Old head said, why you say fuck so much

I said prolly the same reason that I fuck so much

I don’t give no fuck, fat hoes need love too

And I need somebody to sign for this audi coupe

How bout it boo, I’m the most valuable

Pimp tight nigga, you gonn meet, mvp, beat your feet

Catch a date, hit the street

Originally, on that gangsta shit, yeah, D.O.G

I got the sack, hide it in the the dog food

You must think that I’m a fool

When I drop this verse, it’s get moved

Now I ain't went nowhere, talking bout that strong

Put it in the air, how they get it here, put it in the air

Ocean ground, smoking out the L, be get them by the pair

Gave lil mama a quarter ounce of kush, just to wash my hair

Under match my outerwear, polo draws and Gucci kicks

Louie belt in my Dickie shorts, I ain’t used to shit

Cooling like a cooling kit (just coolin)

I’m major than major ends, I went to school for this

Still got that calculator, ruger be my ruler bitch

Cause the clip the length of 2 clicks

Put you in the news clips, one ...going back to the old me on my new shit

Iceberg with the Donald Duck, with the dummy chucks

When i first got the braids, bout 11th grade

First and last in and out the gym, cut my hand on the rim

But I still played, couple days of changin' Band-Aids

And it was just like the song say

My fingers, they itchin, they itchin’, they itchin’

THE DOCTOR SAID IT WAS Nerve Damage.. I mean, prolly won't be none

Thanks to Niggerboi for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to Niggerboi for correcting these lyrics

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