Starlito - Negro Leagues lyrics

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I'm on

I'm on

I'm on..

Oow yeah, I'm on,

Aye, I hope Trae the Truth heal up.

You know what I mean, all the way.

Real nigga shit.

Met the nigga a few times, cool people.

It just be some bullshit.

(The way) Shit go out here, you know what I'm sayin?

Post Traumatic Stress


If it weren't for the pain,

I don't know what I feel.

If my tears was the rain,

I'll flood a field.

(Delay) Delay(echoes),

Game goes on.

The same old song,

He died over some weak shit.

But his name so strong,

That's why the guns got no safeties.

We all living in the dangerzone.

You can only hold on to,

That street fame for so long.

Picture this nigga,

Get framed and solo.

Now you send him,

Pictures with no frames.

It's money orders and visits,

And you throw his name in a song.

But it won't take that,

Period off that sentence.

It's fucked up and,

I'm serious, I'm authentic.

This bullshit game,

And we all lost in it.

From the top to the,

Bottom like an inning.

If you make it out alive,

Then you win it.

But when you win it, and you make it too fast, you'll spend it.

Puttin on and it ain't about who's on first,

Just tryin to double.

So who got that work(who got that work)..

All my niggas pitching.

All they know is the game,

Can't tell them nothin different.

Straight out of high school,

No minor league system.

Three strikes and it's federal prison.

Ball or stall hell of a decision

We, not even a box fan,

Live from Hell's Kitchen..

Sweat dripping.....


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