Starlito - My Love lyrics

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Ft. Don Trip

(Intro: Route 94 - My Love)

My love and my touch

Up above

My love and my touch

Up above

My love and my touch

Up above


I'm just tryna figure out what's wrong with me

Tryna do is learn things long distance

No place like home when I'm down miss you

Just know that it's all business

How you gettin' Christian, but a call I ain't get?

How you gettin' taste outta talkin' this shit?

How you gettin' caught? What it is what it is

I'm a pimp to a hoe and a dog to a bitch

Also a man to a woman, I don't opt to a nigga

But I get lost in this shit

Yeah, I heard somebody talk about kids

And I ain't got one, really want three

Still really want three-somes in the middle of the week

Still dinner with issues from dealin' in the street

Silly ole' me, devoted so much time

They won't mind if I told 'em

I can't promise to hold ya

Heart so cold, the thermometer froze

__________(?) not with a rose

I know how the shit go

I can't lessen my mind, even my momma don't want me

(Verse 2)

FUck you! Arguing ova little to nothing

Fightin' ova the last words

You can overreact worse

You can tag a few bags first

I'm lookin' forward to lookin' back

Just to level that last verse

They on my love loss

Not knowin' what I had was worse

I'm still a dawg and I ain't finna quit

I know some damn bitches that ain't worth ten cents

Fuck! Our section drinkin' my shit

I mean, fuck is you doin'?

(Verse 3)

She keep callin', she wants to argue

She keep callin', she wants to argue

Bout me not calling

Or me not callin' eatin' up on benzy

I must be ballin'

She don't get it

I'm grindin', tryna keep us from starvin'

Ain't no 9 to 5, gon' supply

All that fancy shit I go buy

All 'em bags she luvs so much

All em places she like to dine

She think my date could see stop me diggin' in 1000 bitches

Truth is I'm in the studio

Ten hours block until the hours finish

It's so hard to concentrate

And deal with home even when I'm gone

She feel neglected

She all alone, and startin' to show that she's not as strong

Not as strong as I wish she was

And I do all of this shit fo' us

AIn't no groupies, ain't no side hoes

I gave up all of that shit fo' her

I gave up all of that shit fo' love

Just so she can say I ain't did it?

No! So she can tell me I neva call her

I neva text, I'm like what the fuck?!

I carried the world on both my shoulders

I manage to still hold both our hands

She wants me to lift her up

But I want her to help me stand


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