Starlito - Misunderstanding lyrics

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I play you

One on one

I win, you sign

You win, you do what you wanna do

Play me on on one

One on one!

I'm right European

Even if you form root

you ain't right European

Even if you form root

I my phone, and my phone just died

I mean, I'm so fly, I'm iPhone 5

I mean, I'm so high that I don't drive

I mean I just glide but I'm no clay

If I had a nickname his name would be nick

So dick name is my nickname for my dick

Big chain and my wrist brain, no smith

I'm just trying to explain why I got ice on my shit.

They don't own shit, they don't own shit

Shit, not even they own shit!

Shawty is so shy, I'm just a... pimp

I was told that I do...

So it's.. wide open

Never mind, don't think and don't drink

Yellow snow, that it!

Don't think and don't drink

Yellow snow cause if you ever think

you probably think hell of slow!

I'm blinking because I'm blowing

And I stink the smell of drug is out of my clothes

Yeah, they endorse it like blue

Keep them keep the French ass boys on repeat

Cause I don't think I like you!

Last week I smoked a quarter pee

and watched the whole season of Weeds

I don't remember seeing never could see

This is worst so you forever to see it

Flaw sick is whatever diseased

Tell whoever is with me to enjoy whatever delicacies

Fuck 'em right, I deserve it all!

Attempted a couple.. that's all

..a couple hundred pounds who wasn't serving at all

Backing.. like I was serving a...

No, no land judges, just will paid lawyers

To lie the judges I'll be.. publics in public

Young, wild and free like fuck it

Like Darvon.. the head of the class

Bought a .... a hundred per cent and less

I could have been on...

I should be.. I would lead them this way

I'm just a... I let them get nasty

wanting to hit it there...

Then I'm shooting like the shovels were

Still sipping at Mrs Butter's word .

Still spitting like a skinny.. and kill

That's a bunch of fuck images for what is worth

Jump stupid and get jump stupid


So you're not saying that they're stupid

They're stupid, I am stupid, I am stupid

So I don't understand

Are you saying that I'm stupid?

I was just saying

No, you were just speaking for me

Like I don't have the god damn sense to speak for myself

We're all just relaxed

Post-traumatic stress!


I'm relaxed, I'm relaxed

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