Starlito - Medusa Stoned lyrics

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Night time I got locs on

I'm Medusa Stoned!

Got a red car, it got red seats and the cup holders keep the juices cold

Tripping about some niggas that I used to know, fuck 'em!

Love them like a brother, I'll shoot them though

I aint proud of that!

Proud to the rap, beast, proud of..

Got eight balls from.. the drugs... one fifty

Forty dollars profit, ten for the ride

And I hold my ass... so many raps

So much time, get life...

They ain't quiet alright, but we're numb to it all day

..trying my best to write what's right

.. a right man, you don't like crime

But this is life... for the young niggas that's fresh started

I'mma say it for you, fuck the haters!

Nigga soft will, what, you're crazy?

Swerve upon a.. death date 'em

Damn way, you gonna get locked up, and that's fucked up

Just shine on me, shine on me

Success was revenge, so what's up?

Success was revenge, that's what's up!

I got my books up, they know I'm in the banks

But I ain't signed the only... and knowing the game

Got me buying out this new shit marathon

and a hustle like Nipsy

Got me on this blue shit

Just a young nigga, let's make more reservations than excuses

Nick notice how I blew...

Cause a house is for my momma and my nigga

Tracked her for this great recruitment

Now the labels want exclusive

Just pay me my producers and let's do this!

When the sun sets down life goes on

In here by ... don't fall false

A house, two spots, but got no home

Back to bed, smoke the hoes on..

In this thing I'm a lousy stick

Try a thousand in,

I know I got it popping cause I'm shopping

Where your.. is?

So I've seen this and a lousy stair

Try a thousand here, and I know I'll get it popping

I got them choppers where we're landing

Play with it! yeah

If you like it I care, if you don't, I don't!

Post-traumatic stress, post-traumatic stress

I know it's... like I go for it

Later flow, laser bitch, home made me sick

Maybe we should get married,

Cause she made me go to crazy...

Made a hundred bucks right here

And the radio and played my shit

Gave away more than just labels, man,

and they don't make me rich!

Ain't better be worth that paycheck

My last time I fucked up in the heat

That's why I rap this way!

Had that thirst yesterday, and I'm strapped today

Fuck around and got a license for it so that's OK

Beat my felonies, I spent my last on my case

Was living so fast, surprise made it past eight

Some niggas got blessed and a couple crashed from the West

Rode to riches, rode to perdition

If they were selling coke, I would sold them bitches

I hope that you're listening

No it ain't real, I'm just caught a menace

All of them, not some of them

Father, I'm talking about the some of them

The son of I'm done, father!

Bitches ain't not gonna freeze there

Get my money

Yeah, I'm living... I do!

And my money!..

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