Starlito - Lil Bit Freestyle lyrics

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Ft. Don Trip

Go ahead, blame it on the alcohol

I'm wid it!

My girlfriend beggin' me to pass the ball

I don't thank ya get it

My flow so dumb, I might fuck a hoe silly

If she figure I'm trickin', she retarded

She lost it, one more round, we been at it all night

Goddamn, bitch, you oughta be exhausted

She gotta be a lotta things to rock with me

And I'm just bein' boss

Police prolly followin' me, I'm cautious

Runnin' on fumes, bout to get some more gas

What happened to the lab bear? I think somebody bought it

I'm the type to get yo number, don't call me

Don't mind, don't matter if you're dm

Sexy lil bitch, I'mma taste ya, lil bitch

Don't facetime me, I'm right on Insta, you b!

I been up fo' two days, but I slept with my bitch

So fine, you would get yo whole check to my bitch

In the middle of the club with a weapon on my hip

Now I'm goin' on the chain, gotta scuffle my kicks

Please neva mind all the weaponry

I know I'm bound to chill cuz I'm sorta a celebrity

Got so many babies, I should go get a vasectomy

Pocket full of C-notes, bout to sing a melody

Car so smart, might let yourself park it

See me in sight, say my window's so dark

All Benihana dinner, tell 'em send me up a fork

This thing got an extension since my temper so short

Lyin' to myself like I ain't sippin' no more

Since 04 wishin' that I didn't go to war

She a shack shorter, on the block with that .40

Like Sean Kip in 94? (dayum)

NBA jam, yeah, I'm juiced up

2 on 2, no can't nobody see us

Come from the era of the freeze cup

People got me scared to even re-up

I'm a big dawg, you're a tea cup

Stuck but it's three go fo' bitch threesome

Aye look, know you're barkin' up the wrong tree trunk

Man start runnin' up I'm rappin' like a speed bomb

Always still hungry, remember back when it was free lunch?

Wrappin' in the cafeteria, right up on a half a mill

I ain't talkin' snacks, I'm tryna stack a hella contract

Nah, I ain't neva lookin' back and that's just how I feel

Came a long way from stacking pounds in the cavalil

Still down to shoot like a camarill

Independent nigga making independent money

Make a hater so sick that he can't count a mill

Panamera Porsche, thanks to Manny Pacquiao

Make the same money, Monday's there bout my momma

Can't carry 'em, I keep it 1 thou' wow

James on the counter, nigga trip when his album out

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