Starlito - Insomnia Addict lyrics

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And I can't sleep

Early morning, business calling, waiting on the sun to rise

Swerving only, little lonely, Carter told her, "Come outside"

Text her back, too old to try to sound polite

It read, "Please bring me a cup of ice, I promise I'mma fuck you right"

Got god swab plus some Jolly Rancher, sour syrup

Baby food jars, and baby bottles for example, stupid perks

Up all night like Gilbert Godfrey, on that loud, call it Gilbert Godfrey

Strap like better rain is pill popping

Xanax till I don’t feel the molly

Pandora on Phil Collins, ten years in, bitch, I'm still balling

Chill dog, just tryna get a ticket like they left my name at will call

And I can't sleep so I count it with the people I can count on

The air in the ear, I was awake all night getting my counting on

It's gonna be like this from now on

No, I can't sleep till they stop sleeping on me

Look, I've been beefing, homie, riding around with that heater on me

Revved to give it to anyone of these niggas, even if they don't want it

Chiefing that diesel, bumping Bentley sleep with a reason

Thinking ‘bout how we used to serve morning to evening only

I went straight from rejects to a check, lost plenty of homies, but not respect

Success bittersweet like a text from your ex

Let's pour out a little lean for all the young kings that never seen they princesses turn into queens

Just like we dream, no, I can't sleep but I still have a dream

Hit one like this, I wasn't eating so I had to skate

Never been on the front of none of those magazines

I was on front line more than one time unloading those magazines

Yeah, pumping all that gasoline when my younger bro had to stash the green

Got turned out by the cash I seen, I procrastinated, now I have to make it

I'm fascinated by a faster ring

Chasing paper, sleep deprivation, your bitch, dog

I'm laughing at this nigga who we just jacked with some beans

Life ain't no fairytale, I just know this shit is real but scarytale

You know, I just don't want to lie to them. Do anything but sleep or tell

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