Starlito - Im Killin lyrics

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Crayola my cars free lil boosie keep the line around the building got me riding around no ceiling

Riding around with no feelings

Play with me, I’m killing

Make me jump out and get silly, dump out 9 millies

Fuck I’m talking ‘bout, we got big tools wit the trash bag for the chopper shells

We ain’t missing, we’ll leave you missing

Nigga suspectt, you fit the description Im

Looking for a gutter bitch that can get the prescription

Got them hundred dollar quarters, fuck with me

120 after 12, you better have your scale, you a pussy, vagisil, masingale, stole yo baby momma ND had that slut bitch stashin pills, if I wasn't rappin b in traffic with them vacuum seals,

Pass it to the passenger 4 racks get you some daffodils

Riding 2k14, fight for about half a mil

I throw my shows, make money off album sales and I don’t have a deal

Bitch, I grind ain’t much more to the story

This nigga say I owe him but he couldn’t be looking for me

Fuck riding foreign ‘cause they’re soldiers over there warring

Mr president, do you at least have some healthcare for him?

I pay more taxes than my next door neighbor he don't get profiled so I wake up in a Bugatti, fell asleep in a dope house, this coke drought been goin on for 8 yrs strait '03 i was chargin 12 til my half a brick played then I dropped my first mixtape

Outer limits, prison pass, we was clubbing every day

in the projects all day shootin 20s bet whatever I came a long way, glad I got my shit together

Bitch, I grind hard, ain’t much more to the story

Niggas ain’t no killers, man, y’all niggas some hoes

You niggas ain’t no killers, you niggas some hoes

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