Starlito - I’m Coolin lyrics

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Spent two hours in the cuffs of the fight squad

Stupid racist motherfucker told me, "Nice watch"

I got a stupid load or my price drops

Wanna two times more and then I might stop

Confidential the foreman's now emotionally scarred

Get your face blown off the moment you blow your cover

My MO's stop at the store and get some rubbers

And drop her off to the sunrise, you tell that hoe you love her

I can’t be saving no broads, I barely save money

And blowing bands, throwback jerseys and red money

Ice bergs and Jordans was first two hundred

I'm a two hundred paid out my cool son

Some ice and a Glock, I wanna shoot something

My video dude pulling bout two something

Nigga got plenty them guns, you ain't gonna do nothing

Wicked shots will get you two minutes of real coverage

Cooling, just cooling

What you doing, what you doing? I'm just cooling

You know I got my tool and I know how to use it

I'm just waiting to get right, cup of ice, yeah, cooling

Sunday night cooling, Monday night cooling

They coming in tooling, money right blowin g

Old school, running like a focus, running like

Yeah, I'm on a paper route and I run it

It's dog, my nigga aren't you cooling

Got my bitch with me in the two seat cruising

Rollin the blunt, driving with no hands on cruise control

Mixing my surf on a hundred, bet I don't lose control

My momma said hold don't, don't lose control

I call it boomerang the way she make me curl my toes

We ain't doing shit, we just cooling

Pussy so good I gave her hundred, waiting pasta two in

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