Starlito - I Got This, Hear lyrics

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Aha, can’t let them see you sweat

Cause once the sweat’s dripping,

Then you might step in it,

And then they might catch you slipping

I’m tryina extra get it, from my connect, I’m committed

Waiting on this tecs I’m chilling, they coming from Texas within

Then I always make the best decisions

But fuck these others, amongst these niggas hoes

Yeah, and the rest damn snitches

Wanna 2 things, homie tell me 2 things

That either turn on you, or tell on you

...hand me a mirror, so I can see,

Just who I need, I look myself right in the eye

Like it’s just you and me

And I got this here, and if not this year

I hope sometime soon

Cause they got a nigga feeling in the hood

Try not to disappear

Blu ray, I see crystal clear, I get tupe, like I’m missing hair

Pretty women like Richard Gere, behind the wheel I’m too lit to steer

Getting mouth and rolling wild, Instagram then switching gear

She say please don’t post this picture, I got a nigga I’ve been with for years

I’ve got this, hear, light the swisher dear

This is post traumatic stress, listen here.

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