Starlito - I Get Tired lyrics

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Two of my favorite rappers said

One of 'em said "I don't get tired"

The otha one said "You ain't grindin' till you're tired"

Man, I'm tired


Tired of strugglin', fuckin' the profit up like I'm grindin' fo' nothin'

Fuck it! I can't give up, I'mma die from hustlin'

Trust me, that anger took, I'm alive because of it

(DJ Coupe, holme)


Crushed ice all in my watch and my cup

I come from watchin' fo' cops on a block where it tough

Suck stuck, how many times niggas shot at us?

Shit, not enough, prolly why I neva got high as buck

But I neva gave a fuck

Bullet holes all through the air arrest

Like I wadn't in that trunk?

On that park with my two Glocks

Think I won't hit 'em up?

People always close too much, I don't hear for much?

Cause everybody wanna know if I'm gon' get my cut

What the fuck?! Wylin' out, hold it inna ya

Cryin' out loud from cryin' out loud

Hol' up! I'm tryna smile, how bout now?

Shit, lookin' out, I'm down bout 900 thou'

(Hook x2)

(Verse 2)

Yeah, and you lyin', but fuck it

Smokin' A+ A- ain't grindin' the subject

That's cuz I smoke too much and sometimes I be clubbin'

Coursing 'em back, this boar purrp got me paranoid

Luv fucked up from fuckin' on 'er

I know I ain't fo' 'er, therefore I'm movin' forward

TSI keep staring, I be in the airport supernova

Hell yea I am self-employed, with ten bands and some hoopa shorts

Ask me who I do it for, rip OutHere, flex, do some noise

Used to go so hard to blow it all in the Gucci store

Or fixin' up a car just to impress all these stupid whores

Shootin' dice to win a lil bit, then end up loosin' a lot more

Fuck! Damn!


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