Starlito - G. Thomas lyrics

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Ft. Don Trip

(Verse: Starlito)

Started out on free lunch

Came a long way from fuckin' on my rear closet

Full with free Adidas, Forgi' Mahon on my features

I take 35, in March I took it personal

I wrote the third verse with t'eyes closed

Talkin' to Doe, prayin' for Tip

Might seem sacrilegious for sayin' it, but my faith in my clip

Went on tour 20 days straight, FNH on my hip

If a nigga had play with Gates or with Trip, let's just say I would flip

(When you get money, trouble tend to haul yo way)

I wadn't humble enough to run the otha way

Call it full display

If I let you trick me on my spot, it's just like suicide

Then they ask me, do you wanna ride? And it was do or die

Still remember young, but tried to convince me otherwise

I was down to watch my brother do die, got no choice but to slide

When I was 22 I prolly coulda woulda shoulda died

That was some bullshit, local beef shoulda put aside

That's why G. Thomas's story mean so much to me

Feel like I'm lookin' in the mirror and it's fuckin' with me

Yo Gotti, or Birdman couldn't do nothin' fo' me

I ain't dissin', just exposin' my flaws

Prolly coulda sold it, cuz I'm dope and I'm raw

My heart been froze, it's still cold, I'm just hopin' on thought

Focused in thought, I wrote this for Dough and fo' y'all

(How it feels is how it felt and I don't feel nothin')

(I don't feel this)

(Ain't gon' feed it to the kids)

This an ordinary life fo' a G

RIP Doe B.

(How it feels is how it felt and I don't feel nothin')

(Verse 2: Don Trip)

How it feels is how it felt and I don't feel nothin'

I made more than half a mill and we still strugglin'

I bought that and took losses, neva did budget

I don't know that almost infin' neva did nothin'

Tryna keep my hands out the trap, but my rims touchin'

Handful of niggas rootin' fo' me but I can't trust em

Still can't see my babies, so I can't function

Meanwhile, I stand like the man and I ain't budgin'

Taught my line of scrimmage like I ain't bussin'

See if you survive, please don't blow my high

Under the influence of fast money and easy bitches

Only conscience that I eva had was Jimmy the Cricket

I asked God for answers and all I heard was crickets

And then I heard Jesus told me let's get it

Close yo mouth, open yo eyes, bitch, bear witness

Friends and foes I keep em both at a fair distance

You see man, he carry the ones that fall off

Same time I met Puff I met Bubba Sparx

Shout out to Bubba, I'm fo' eva indebted

My life is like a movie, but I can't go back and edit

I'm sorry momma, I promised it wouldn't change me

But the pain took it's toll and left my veins cold

I lost my mind from tryna gain control

And I'm a rider, yes, that's even if I drove, word to Dove

That's B. (Last beat?!)

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