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Feat. Don Trip

Naturally, we lose hunger without none

Get the race,big strap

You know how I come

Now I’m getting real money

And I kind of love it

I’m not trying to stick the chopper behind the hood

House on the hill without no deal

Cause I keep it real , that’s me

I turn your rap beat into a track meat

For real, I miss my people

I got a chick, but none of this shit is legal

I ain’t never had a 95

Through all the crowd I survived

I’ve been testing, never testified

I’ve been working on this movie

And I’ll be fucking your bitch

Ready for war

No better cry

If they tried one of mine

Then they got it right

My astrology sign is a dollar sign

And if my money hurt your feelings

Then I apologize

Nigga please,I’ve been counting money

Before I learned to read

I’m one of a kind

I’m nothing like you

You’re nothing like me

I’m with this shit

Plus I’m the shit

Get to the money

Girl it ain’t nothing free

We walk around like______

Dog nigga gonna get off the chain

Can’t trust us all

That’s the cost of fame

I make this shit look effortless

Like I got that motherfucker on self-esteem

I’m feeling fresher,fresher than the air

I’m arrogant

What you know about it?

I got a chick riding with me

She’s so humble

But when she opened her mouth

She’s so cocky

I don’t think you get it

My lady be trippin’ cause I’m never home

Bring more stones

My pants is one thing that I could never get rid of

You know what I see when I stare in my mirror?

Narcotic dealer, a weapon concilier

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