Starlito - Alone In Vegas Freestyle lyrics

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Ft. Landlord


In a room full of mirrors I'm surrounded by killas

I Don't fuck with y'all niggas, like y'all played for the clippers

Now we gettin' money, so we trappin' out the villas

It's like niggas goin' blind, so now they gotta feel us

I know Cap got me, RIP my brother Die

But like a tennis match, it's always fuck the otha side

Niggas actin' like they want beef like they won't fuckin' ride,

Till' they get that big mac and they don't get no fuckin' fries

And I don't care what my homies on

Cuz with my back against my wall, I'm in my comfort zone

It only been two weeks, I'm yellin' God Bless

I can't lie, I was too weak to be a pallbearer

Crime don't help, I keep lyin' to myself

It's like niggas gettin' time and I need time to myself

I used to dream of gettin' signed, now I'm signed to myself

Feelin' so hotheaded, my mind finna' melt

(Verse 2)

I miss walkin' down the street, Hassan Raceed

Labooth, Lebrell and G, eatin' sunflower seeds

I miss hoopin' at Timmy Park Harvey and Kirkpatrick

Befo' Ray O's caught that murder, we used to post up and cats

No packs, just pickin' rose, give and go

Now the C gave me the M1 mixtape. damn we gettin' old

Scripted my look, shit this the truth

I'm already missin' my dude, it's Monday, he got picked up on Tuesday

No fear nor loathin', this ain't a movie

Though I wrote this in Vegas alone at

The Pawn's Place playin' Solitaire, I made that my home

Made this shit known, solidarity, that's how we made it so long

Longevity come from consistency

My loyalty don't come with question marks and,

my love is all you can get for free

Free RedDot, Hamby, no fuck you if you disagree

Free Elroy, free JB, I hope they neva kick up Quick

Free my young nigga, shit so recent, I dunno if I should mention it

The way they speak in the court appearances

Seeking the shortest sentence

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