Starlito - 28th Song lyrics

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Drummer Boy!

You care what I did

You care me saying

You care what I did

You acting like I’m…

And if I thought that I could change, maybe I would

I got a lot of common sense, but baby I’m hood (I’m hood)

I sold dope before but I wouldn’t say that you should

But I’ve been broke before and it doesn’t feel good

…told me to Kush, fuck niggas, won’t have nothing on my books

Hate this stupid ho I’m with but love the way she look

Love the way she lie

Her cousin got me plugged in on the Kush

Must be crazy I then doubled dip fucking on her sis, opps

I know I ain’t shit I ain’t proud of it

Then caller 16, had to call them right back

Like want a verse or a pound of it

Money, money, money, money, money, money

Yeah, I kinda like the sound of it!

Got a box of bullets ready to touch you pussy

Fuck around and get found bloody

Out ya thugging without a budget

They trying to figure out how I does it

Independent and I’m winning

I was broke before but it been a minute

Spending chicken independent

That’s a rollie so it isn't ticking

Time is money, can’t spend a second

Second guessing no indecision!

My second weapon got extensions in it

That’s thirty shots

Living life as a thug nigga, that’s word to…

Grind hard so we stir a lot

Swerving, serving like we never heard of cops

Prefer to handle my business personally

You want this work or not!

My money dirty, my hands dirty

Pistol dirty, my whip clean

Bitch, with me,

We riding dirty, she talk dirty

But her pussy clean

I’m still dirty, I’m still working, I’m still serving

Nigga, fuck you mean!

My pockets fat

And my temper short

And my clip is longer than a limousine

And I let that bitch come bark at you

Bitch I’m strapped like a dog catcher

The last thing you want is confrontation

Cause I’m with the shit like your gallbladder

30 rounds in that …that’s overkill

I live life in the fast lane

Either catch-up or be road kill!

Trap nigga way before the deal

I don’t give a shit about a deal!

Bitch, I got a plug

I’m a heavy weight with more outlets than the …

Such a fly guy I’m so outta here

I’m so fresh to death I ought to write a will

Got a box of bullets ready to touch you pussies

These hollow points tryna cop a feel

In the trees like a baby panda

Paranoid I’ll spray the hammer

I’m in my house up all night

Just starring at my surveillance cameras.

I’m warning you no warning shots

I’ll pop your ass and you’ll learn your lesson

Stressed out still counting money

Cause that’s best antidepressant

If I thought that I could change

Maybe I would!

I got a lot of common sense, but bitch I’m hood

And I’ve sold dope before I ain’t saying you should

(Can’t help it!)

But I’ve been broke before and that never feels good

(Shit, shit, shit!) Bitch!

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