Soulfly - Sodomites lyrics

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Ft. Todd Jones of NAILS

I am about to bring war upon you

I will kill your people in front of your idols

The place will be littered with corpses

And you will know that I alone I am the lord

(===> Ezekiel 6:3:47)

I am the brethren marked by the banishment

My tribe, wage war until god decimates


There shall be no whores of the daughters of Israel

Nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel

(===> Genesis 19:24)

Wines of Sodom, sin of Gomorrah

Dissolve by flame in Leviathan's den

Hail Hosanna, slayin' the prophets

Rape the covenant, none shall escape


Hail sin of flesh!

Hail manifest!

Hail tempest rasp!

Hail serpent lion!

Hail Jebel Usdum!

Hail, I am possessed!

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