RYAN ADAMS - The Sadness lyrics

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The stars they sink

In the oceans of ink

Long black ribbons of cars

And in the taxi

You ask me how I'm doing

But you already know

Beyond, beyond is not through

Its only a reflection of you

And something at the window

It motions with its fingers

Calling me beyond

The sadness is mine

The sadness is mine

Its why you're not healing me

And whatever has come for me

Oh I can give you whatever you're wanting

Just take it and spare me spare me

Please oh tell me this is only a warning/no

Please have mercy let me go

If only a day to let her know

Without her love I'm nothing at all

The change is happening and I'm almost gone

In her heart is my faith

And it wins against the sadness

The train it moves through the desert

The horses they will challenge its stride

And into the boxcar she leaps

And is my hero

And penetrates the demons inside

The clouds they pass

But they're moving so fast

As I watch them collide

Collide and collapse in her arms like a newborn child

I am at one reborn

The fog in the mote

As he grabs me by the throat

It lifts as she comes

She opens her cloak and the color of blood

It is the sign of what now must come

Deny deny me my destiny

I am not ready to go

I am the horror that brings us to the morning

Where I will have to stand up and fight

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