RYAN ADAMS - Pa lyrics

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Pa drove to town yesterday to pick up a friend

He found the locker she lay in

He drove to old man Ed Somerton's place

To finally disappear

He got there round about twelve

And he stayed 'till three

And the sun left him down in the valley

But the moon met him up in the hills by the lake

Reflecting the (?)

Suppertime came and . . .

'Sis answered it

'Sis left his food on his plate

At the end of the table right next to mom's place

But nobody'd sit

Telephone rang about six

I answered it

I felt the news through the floorboards

Like a long Southern bone (?), like a wreck on the

lake (?)

Like a joint (?)



So I drove to town yesterday

To pick up his bed

I found the locker he lay in

I drove to old man Ed Somerton's place

To find me some peace

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