Royal Psalms

Royal Psalms - Until It's Me lyrics

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A bridge collapse I know it sounds insane

A heart attack for reasons unexplained

I bet it all & lost everythin'

When there was nothin' I could gain

It always ends the same, I wandered way off path

And nobody knew my name, it would've been so much easier

If i had just gone with the grain

I wish knew that it wouldn't make a difference either way

I wish someone had told me that it always it always ends the same


I try to keep it safe, try to stay in one place

Try not to blink, try to stay awake

We all go back to the same place we came from

(Verse 2)

I saw headlights comin' towards me in the lane

Stayed my course despite all of the things I should've changed

I pushed everyone away now I've got no one left to blame

It always ends the same

(Chorus x2)

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