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Royal Psalms - Stagnant Water lyrics

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I saw crows feet, land on the same street

Where I lived for most of my life

And I begged them not to come for me

I swore it wasn't my time, I was a river ragin'

It's like the plot of 'Heaven Can Wait' & I'm Warren Beatty

It happened in the blink of an eye, I just got lazy


As time went by I came to realize that I'm no river

Oh, now I know I'm stagnant water

Oh, now I know I'm stagnant water


I neva got my chance to run

I would evaporate in the sun

I never thought this day would come

When I would disappear

(Verse 2)

I thought that life was collectin' reasons

Reasons to stay alive

I thought that death was runnin' out of people

To care about u when u die, maybe I was right




And now I disappear

Where do I go from here?



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