Rhapsody Of Fire

Rhapsody Of Fire - Into the Legend lyrics

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[Intro – Latin Choir]

(Verse 1)

Breaking the silence in this morning lights

Cold wind is calling

Marching with fire and steel in your hearts

Searching for answers

Shine mystic rain, you'll be frozen in time

Painted on this dark land

Feeling my soul, feeling my lonely fate

Dark mystic rain



Enthrals in guise


Feel the cold weep of spade


Turn into gray

This is always one through my veins


Into the legend I will ride

Far away from this cold sea of ice

Never know, never try, I am still burning

Into the legend you won't see me cry

From the other side

(Verse 2)

Shy knight I’ll be fighting this eternal night

Flames are still burning

Marching with pain and tears in my life

Facing the sadness

Shine mystic rain and dramatic crimes

Rain gently falling

Feeling my soul, feeling my only fate

Last mystic rain




Scars of stone beside me

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