Qed - Love's Revenge Lyrics lyrics

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when we were in love

love was hurt by you

love had put up with what you've done

love bit you straight in the heart

love bites the most painful part

that is love's only revenge

love punishes you

for hurting me

it punishes you

for you defiyed it

it bites you for you've shown no love

love's revenge

is the hatred

given bak to you

love shall die

shall die gripping your heart

love shall not forgive

for you did not forgive

love is enternal pain

you wouldn't have fallen in love

for love now give it's revenge

this in not your end

for love will not let you die

love will bite your most weakest part,

Your Heart!

Love's Revenge is not sweet for you

but for it, it is sweet

love will not parish

love will not fade

but love will bite

love's revenge

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